Mother Tongue Language Week
February 17- February 21 2014
Beyzyma Campus


Students chose one interesting or favorite word in their mother tongue languages and wrote it on a nametag. All day, students and teachers were asking each other about their words and sharing the meanings in English. The students seemed very proud of their mother tongue languages.

They also wrote their word on a square to add to our "Mother Tongue Language Quilt." This quilt is hanging in the stairwell for everyone to see.



We had an assembly where Grade 4 shared the history of Mother Tongue Language day, which is also the history of how Bangladesh became a separate country from Pakistan. They used a Powerpoint presentation to show maps and pictures of the events.



Grade 3 gave a presentation where they took turns speaking about themselves in their mother tongue languages.

Grade 2 shared the following video, which shows a song from the movie Frozen sung in 25 different languages!


Some parents came into each classroom to read picture books in their mother tongue languages. The students had the opportunity to guess what was going on in the story before students who spoke the language explained it. Other parents came into classes to teach the students how to sing a song in another language. Thank you to all the parents who volunteered to make this day special!


We had a closing assembly where classes shared other activities they did.
Grade 4 shared their responses to the question "What would happen if everyone in the world learned just one, world-wide language?

Here are the advantages they thought of:
  • Communicating would be easier. Everyone could understand each other.
  • New students moving to international schools could already understand everyone.
  • If you had an emergency in a foreign country, like if someone was shot or someone was sick, you could call the police or an ambulance.
  • No one would have to learn a second language. They could spend that time learning something else.

Here are the disadvantages they thought of:

  • It would be very boring if everyone had the same mother tongue.
  • It would be harder to keep secrets from other people. For example, countries could spy on each other more easily during a war.

  • People who like learning other languages wouldn’t have a reason to learn. They couldn’t learn three or four languages. Music would also be boring if it was all in one language.
  • International schools wouldn’t exist.
  • Countries would fight over which language to use or how to make the new language.

Overall, they all agreed that there are more disadvantages than advantages, and we should all keep our languages.