The Daily Five Book Room

What is the Daily Five Book Room?
This room is located between the Grade 4 classroom and the library. Most classes go to this room at least once a week to exchange books in the students' "book boxes." The students can take an unlimited amount of books, and they are allowed to take them home as well. These books, along with library books, can be read during Daily Five literacy time.

How is it different than the library?
Most of these books, unlike library books, are paperbacks. You can tell if a book is a library book by the barcode sticker labeling. These are labeled with small colored stickers on the left bottom corner of the cover. Unlike the library, students do not need to "check out" the books. They simply return the ones they finished into the correct bins and borrow as many books as they like, with no official record kept. Many schools have classroom book collections that are suitable for that grade level. Our school uses this book room instead because our classrooms can only hold small collections, and we have many ESL students who need books at their level as well.

How are the books organized?
Instead of being organized by the system our library uses, these books are organized by level and interest, helping students follow and practice the IPICK method of choosing books. The red bins on the left wall are organized into the following categories:

Easy Picture Books (orange or lime green stickers)
Challenging Picture Books (yellow stickers)
Difficult Picture Books (pink stickers)
Easy Chapter Books (dark green stickers)
Challenging Chapter Books (blue stickers)
Difficult Chapter Books (red stickers)

The blue bins on the right are organized by topics such as Animals, Social Studies, Science, Poems and Songs, Math, Biographies, Extinct Species, Celebrations and more. Each topic has a corresponding sticker as well.