Teacher Expectations:
Knowledgeable in the areas of ESL, literacy, the Primary Years Program and the WIS Community
Risk-taker that tries creative ways of teaching to fit different learning styles
Reflective about how and why students learn and improve
Caring about the student's confidence and emotional health as they make a tough transition into an English language environment
Inquirer that discovers English language needs related to the Units of Inquiry and other subjects
Communicator that informs parents about student needs and progress
Principled about meeting every student's language needs
Balanced through promoting and supporting a student's Mother Tongue language as well
Open-minded about understanding the student's home culture and language
Thinker that always considers what is best for the student above all else

Student Expectations:
Students are expected to try their best to use English in lessons, and to ask the ESL or Classroom teacher for help when they do not understand. If another student speaks the same mother tongue, he or she can help translate if the teacher gives permission or asks. As they learn the Learner Profile, students are reminded that their behavior and actions should reflect these characteristics. Students are also expected to study and complete assignments at home when asked.

Parent Expectations:
Knowledgeable about the school and classroom by reading school policies, newsletters and communication notebooks
Risk-taker who gets involved in the classroom when opportunities come up
Reflective by asking students about their learning and supporting the student led conferences
Caring about students' emotional health as they make a tough transition into an English language environment
Inquirer that discovers ways to support learning at home
Communicator that signs up and attends parent/teacher conferences (with the ESL teacher as well)
Principled by respecting school policies and rules
Balanced by making sure the student continues learning in their mother tongue as well
Open-minded by supporting the IBO PYP curriculum, even though it might be a new approach for your family
Thinker who works with the school to overcome difficulties in a positive way