Tips for New ESL Parents:

Please understand that your child is around a new language and culture all day. He or she might feel frustrated or insecure, especially as a new student. Please talk with them about their feelings and give encouragement!

Please give your child time. It often takes years for new ESL students to speak and write in English easily.

There will also be opportunities to support and encourage your child when they are presenting their learning in English, whether at the student led conferences in May or throughout the school year at assemblies.

You can also help your child get involved with extracurricular activities and build friendships with other children who speak English. If someone at home can practice speaking and reading in English with the child, please do! Encourage your child to read or watch movies in English or to play ESL games on the internet. There are many fun ways to practice English at home. You can visit the page on the left, "Ideas for Practice at Home" for website links.

If you are worried about your child losing their English practice during the long Winter break or over the summer, I can provide photocopies of activity books at your request.